13 Things You Didn’t Know We Carried


13 Products from Cloud Nine Sheepskin You Didn’t Know About

We carry all different types of sheepskin products, but there are some hidden gems you might not know about yet.

Here are some of the best products from Cloud Nine Sheepskin that you didn’t know we carried.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or looking to buy a gift, we have what you need. These amazing products are made with genuine sheepskin, and are sure to impress!

1. Sheepskin Ear Muffs

Are you tired of your ears being cold in the winter? Well, you’re in luck. Nothing keeps your ears warm like sheepskin ear muffs. Shop Ear Muffs →

2. Bed Socks

There is nothing worse than going to bed and getting up to walk on a cold, hardwood floor. When you wear sheepskin bed socks, your feet will be protected from the cold, all winter long. Shop Socks →

3. Sheepskin Car Seat Pads

Everybody wants to spruce up their car’s interior. Add some texture and a unique flair to your car with these! Shop Seat Pads →

4. Sheepskin Steering Wheel Covers

Tired of burning your hands in the summer and freezing them in the winter when you’re driving? Don’t worry about that anymore. Shop Steering Wheel Covers →

5. Trooper Sheepskin Hats

We all want to be fashionable, but we want to keep warm. These don’t just keep your head warm, they go all the way around your neck, giving you the best of both worlds! Say goodbye to that scarf! Shop Hats →

6. Sheepskin Shoe Insoles

Nothing feels better than a warm and soft pair of fuzzy slippers. Why not bring that comfort over to your sneakers or work shoes to enjoy all day long? Shop Shoe Insoles →

7. Shearling Sheepskin GloveS

There are so many cotton or polyester gloves out there that leave your hands frigid. Try out a pair of these stylish and comfortable gloves. You won’t be disappointed! Shop Gloves →

8. Genuine Sheepskin Pelts

Showing off pelts in your living room is fancy. These are great to display in your home. Shop Pelts →

9. Sheepskin Headbands

If you love a nice headband, you’ll love these. They aren’t your typical thin headband that blend right in, these make a statement. Shop Headbands →

10. Sheepskin Seatbelt Protector

You’ll need something to go with your seat covers! These add an even fancier touch to your interior, and at a very affordable price. Shop Seatbelt Protector →

11. Sheepskin Rams

Another great product to display in your home with pelts. These look great sitting up on the mantle! Shop Rams →

12. Sheepskin Snowball Hats

For a nice, fashionable hat that fits right on top of your head, look no further. If you’re not ready to part ways with your favorite scarf, these hats go great with a winter coat for maximum protection against the weather. Shop Snowball Hats →

13. Sheepskin Shampoo

Any high-quality product needs proper care. Keep all of your sheepskin products looking brand new with sheepskin shampoo! Shop Shampoo →

What Else?

We clearly have options for almost everything you could possibly need. Luckily, we carry these products year-round.

The best part is that if you see something you like, all of these products from Cloud Nine Sheepskin are available on our accessories page! Check them out now!