About Us

Where we began

In 1997 Francis Enterprises LLC started in retail. Rosa Francis and her husband Joe Francis, founders, ventured into selling sheepskin footwear in 2001 in malls across the US. In the beginning the company retailed sheepskin footwear brands that they purchased wholesale, including Cloud Nine Sheepskin.

After years of working with Cloud Nine Sheepskin, they became good friends with the Cloud Nine Sheepskin owner who, when it came time for to retire, he turned over his creation to Joe and Rosa, who now are Cloud Nine Sheepskin – carrying over the tradition created by the originator of the brand.

Rosa and Joe love the adventure of selling and building relationships with customers all around the world. It is a husband and wife creation that brought this operation to grow and grow. Their small operation mushroomed from a garage to keep their stock in, to a rented storage unit to a 27,000 square foot warehouse.

Rosa and Joe now retail sheepskin footwear under the Cloud Nine Sheepskin brand, in permanent and seasonal boutiques from Maine to Virginia.

Where we are now

The company sells wholesale to retailers across the U.S. and Europe and are moving into more permanent stores and supporting various non-profit activities and in general spreading their love of natural fibers to those customers who crave them. Cloud Nine Sheepskin has a summer store in Juneau, Alaska and is planning more permanent stores this year and into the future.

Why we do what we do…

Beneath everything is Rosa’s passion for people. This is how Cloud Nine Sheepskin stores feel – homey and natural. So, while we are still grounded in the personal touch, the small boutique atmosphere, where you are there, putting your feet into the luxuriously soft sheepskin footwear, feeling the warmth in the store, we’ve gone on-line. We’ve been selling sheepskin on line for years are now reintroducing the Cloud Nine Sheepskin brand to the world.