5 Healthy Ways to Relax After a Long Day at Work

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We all have those days where we come home from work and just want to relax. 
Stressful jobs or hectic schedules can make it hard to unwind sometimes, but there are plenty of ways that you can still take care of yourself. 
From relaxing with your loved ones to reading a book, this blog post will explore 5 different ways for you to de-stress after a long day at the office!



1. Slip Into Something More Comfortable

It is known that work attire tends to be uncomfortable. You want to kick off those shoes and wear your favorite pants and shirt. When you get home after a long day, that should be the first thing you should do! When we say “comfortable clothing” we don’t mean pajamas, though that is an option. 

What we mean is: put on some clothes that you feel relaxed in. This can be anything from your favorite hoodie to a pair of yoga pants. Also, a pair of house slippers you've kept for years that has never let you down. The first step is always to get comfortable!

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2. Take A Walk

Another great way to unplug after work or school is by taking a walk. Whether you prefer the park, the trails, or simply around your neighborhood - try and find something that can help clear your mind and be more present and in the moment! 

You could even bring along a pair of our sheepskin moccasins. Not only are they super comfortable, but the durable rubber sole can also go wherever you do.

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3. Read A Book

One of the oldest ways to unwind is by immersing yourself in a good book. Whether it be at home or on your commute, reading has been shown time and again to help reduce stress levels and improve overall health! 
There's nothing better than lounging around the house with a good book in a pair of our sheepskin clog slippers.


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4. Being with your loved ones

Is there anything better than spending time with your loved ones? 
Whether it be sitting down for a family dinner, taking a walk with someone special, or just cuddling up on the couch together to watch TV - quality time is important and good for you! 
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5. Exercise

Exercise is just another great way to unwind after a long day, but did you know that it's also good for your overall health? Exercise helps improve blood flow which can help reduce stress and anxiety. It also reduces symptoms of depression by increasing serotonin levels in the brain! 
The next time you're going to exercise at home, our sheepskin shoes are incredibly easy to slip off before stepping onto your exercise mat.

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So if you’ve had a long enough day to leave you looking for anything to help you relax and unwind, we hope this blog has given you plenty to try out!


Cloud Nine Sheepskin Team