Back in the late 1970s, Cloud Nine Shoes got its start in the cold wet climate of the northwest United States, near Seattle, Washington. 

While looking for footwear that was comfortable, insulated, and protective one material stood above all the rest -- Sheepskin.

So, why is sheepskin such an excellent choice for footwear?

For thousands of years, people all over the world have used sheepskin for their footwear needs. Sheepskin footwear is excellent in cold climates for insulation while it’s moisture wicking properties make it excellent for year round wear. They can even be found on the beaches of Australia where surfers sport them after riding the waves.

In fact, there was even a mummy, from at least 500 BC, found with sheepskin boots on, proving that not only has sheepskin been a choice footwear material for well-over 2,500 years, but they also stand the test of time -- literally -- making them a great investment too.

You may think that sheepskin footwear is only for winter, cold weather and many people also felt the same way before owning theirs.

What many have realized is that sheepskin can work as a natural thermostat.

The material insulates your feet from the cold during winter and naturally wicks away and absorbs sweat in the summer, leaving your feet feeling fresh, comfortable, and relaxed in any climate.

Even though sheepskin boots and shoes can absorb sweat and water, the sheepskin material contains a natural antibacterial substance called lanolin, which helps lessen odors.

If you appreciate a deeper sense of peace and relaxation you will experience that and more when you slide your feet into the cloud-like fluffy soft sheepskin boots and shoes.

You’ll also see how the springiness of the sheepskin boots and shoes evenly distributes weight and pressure giving you a customized natural foot support like no other.
Cloud nine uses the highest quality materials and most careful manufacturing standards. We want you to wear our shoes for years and enjoy plush, relaxing comfort.

We know that you care about how your feet feel which is why we wear all of our products and stand behind them.

We thank you for visiting our site and look forward to hearing how much you have loved our shoes.

If you don’t have your own pair, what are you waiting for?

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