Special Sizing Information:


How to Get the Right Fit

When your shoes arrive, try them on - ideally in your bare feet. Do this on a clean surface, such as a carpet or clean floor. See where your big toe is - it should be touching or very close to the front of the shoe. In non-sheepskin shoes, this would be too tight. This is the correct fit for a new sheepskin shoe.

In trying on scuffs or open back shoes, your heel should be at the very, very end of the back of the shoe. Over a few days, your foot will move 1/4 to 1/2 an inch into the slipper.

If the shoe is uncomfortable to wear for long periods, break them in gradually - a few hours at a time, until they mold to your foot. All this should be no big deal, but you should be aware of this as it's different than ordinary footwear. Remember, sheepskin fur will compress and "open up" the shoe.

Breaking boots will take a bit longer than shoes. When they mold to your foot, they feel great - but it can take a bit more time than you're used to.