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Sheepskin has been used since ancient times for a variety of useful purposes. From home furnishing to clothes and many other uses, all natural sheepskin is still a popular and widely used material all over the world. Sheepskin garments help keep the wearer cool in the heat while also providing great insulation from the cold. It’s used in a variety of different applications, such as sheepskin boots for men, lambskin moccasins, coats, jackets, blankets, rugs, drapery and more. Keep reading to learn a few interesting facts about sheepskin.


Sheepskin is useful for clothing and sheepskin boots for men and women because of the wool’s hollow fibers. These fibers allow the material to “breath” in a sense. Sheepskin is capable of absorbing sweat almost immediately and wicks away moisture into the air about 7 times faster than synthetics. These qualities make it perfect for sheepskin boots for men and women, and sheepskin moccasins, and even fuzzy shoe inserts.

Sheepskin can absorb nearly 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet, while still keeping the wearer warm. Sheepskin garments and sheepskin boots for men and women are extremely soft, and provide a comfortable cushion of air that helps to regulate temperature.

Sheepskin against the body activates and stimulates blood circulation. It also contains lanolin, a substance similar to that found in human skin. This is what makes it so gentle on the skin when worn as clothing. Furthermore, the lanolin in natural sheepskin provides it with a self cleaning quality when the sheepskin is hung in fresh air.

Sheepskin is dirt and bacteria resistant. It can even help promote healing of skin inflammation, sensitivity, or rashes.

Unlike many synthetic fabrics, sheepskin will not give off an electrical charge. Natural sheepskin is an insulator that nullifies the release of static electricity created by the friction from your body and the environment. This means you won’t accidentally shock yourself on a metal object, or shock someone else, for example, when shaking their hand.


There are many great uses for sheepskin besides just clothing. It can be used as curtains to insulate windows, for bedding material, and for all sorts of other various uses and purposes.