Step Into Cold Weather In Style!

Step Into Cold Weather In Style!

Winter is a time of cold weather but its also a time to show off some style! 

This means it’s time to bring out those adorable cold weather outfits - but choosing the right shoes to keep you warm can be tricky… 

Which is more you? 

Are you all about comfort and warmth?

Or is style the most important thing to you?

How about having fashion and warmth all in one package? 

Thankfully, our Sheepskin Boots have it all!

Here are five pairs of COMFORTABLE, WARM, and STYLISH footwear that you’ll definitely want to check out - perfect for cold weather! 




    When it comes time to head out into the snow, you need to make sure that you have a durable pair of boots that are not only comfortable and warm, but stylish! 

    That’s why our Trixie Sheepskin Boots feature 100% REAL Sheepskin inside to help keep your feet warm in the coldest of temperatures, while featuring a beautiful, high-quality suede lining on top.

    But that’s not the best part - our Trixies feature double zippers, making them incredibly easy to slide your foot into.

    Too warm around your ankle? Simply unzip and button the fold-down ankle supports into the boot for a trendy, cuffed look! 

    Looking for something a little more flashy to show off to your friends or coworkers? Keep reading…


      Walk into a room wearing these, and heads will immediately turn to see the natural raccoon trim on these stunning suede boots! 

      There’s no other way to put it - our Ladies Rocco Boots are here for you when you want to make a fashion statement while keeping your feet and ankles as warm as you need. Float through the snow, city streets, or even just around your house to avoid stepping on the cold floor!

      Anywhere you go, no matter how cold it may be, our Rocco boots will go with you, keeping your feet warm with the help of the 100% real Sheepskin interior, and comfortable with the help of our extra-durable rubber soles.

      Warmth, comfort, and style - all in one pair of stunning Ladies Boots! But these aren’t our only option when it comes to keeping your feet warm with a fashion statement…




        Don’t worry, it’s not just our Trixies and Roccos that keep your entire foot and ankle warm with the help of sheepskin and natural raccoon - so do our Ladies Brooke Boots! 

        The glossy look and feel of these boots provide a premium look no matter where your day may take you, whether it’s out into the snow or just to the front porch. And of course, there’s no way to miss that fluffy, gorgeous raccoon cuff to keep your ankles warm. 

        You get all this and more with our Brooke Boots, including a genuine, 100% sheepskin interior that is as good at keeping your feet warm in the winter as it is at keeping them cool in the summer.

        So if you’re not a fan of amazing style and comfort or of turning heads when you walk into a room, these boots are definitely not for you! 

        Our cold weather offerings don’t stop there, though - we even have stylish, comfortable, and warm Cloud Nine Sheepskin boots for men! 



          MEN'S KINDRA BOOT 

          We understand that finding the perfect pair of Men’s Boots that are comfortable, warm, and stylish can be pretty difficult, especially considering that men who need them also need a durable boot that can support them no matter where they end up.

          That’s where our Men’s Kindra Boot comes in. 

          Just one look at these boots tells you everything you need to know. Between the suede leather exterior and durable rubber sole, these can take whatever nature throws at them while maintaining their shape, integrity, and style!

          Plus, as with all our amazing footwear, it features a sheepskin interior to keep your feet and ankles warm, even in the middle of the snow! 

          We have one more pair of boots to share with you - and yes, these are for men too! 




            For those active men that want to continue an active lifestyle even during the coldest months of the year, we have our Men’s Jo-Jo Sheepskin Boots!

            These rugged boots provide incredible support and comfort all day long, with a stunning suede leather exterior that cradles our main feature of all our footwear - the thermostatic, 100% REAL Sheepskin inside that naturally keeps your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

            Lace up and get ready for the day - all day comfort and warmth will be ready to go with you!


            There you have it - our cold weather collection that you definitely won’t wanna miss! 

            Too many people have to make the choice between style and comfort, especially during the colder months of the year, which is exactly why we were very proud to have this collection of high-quality, stylish cold weather boots that will provide much needed comfort, warmth, and support for years to come - for men and women!

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