Sweater weather: 5 Stylish Pairings With Jeans

Sweater weather: 5 Stylish Pairings With Jeans
Jeans are an essential part of most wardrobes. They are versatile with a variety of outfits.
Below are 5 jeans/shoe combinations to consider.


For the perfect go-to look, try mixing and matching a pair of white jeans with our beautiful Kindra boots
It’s an all-around classic that never goes out of style. Throw on your favorite shirt (or one featuring some fun words) for when you're running errands in town or heading to a coffee shop. 
Make a chic outfit complete by adding stylish boots with it - they'll keep things comfortable yet stylish no matter where life takes you.
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Chill & Relax

As the weather cools, throw the rulebook out and try something new.
Throw your black jeans into your rotation and include some Sheepskin Scuffs! 
This isn't just about how you dress up - this is an all-new look that will have everyone asking where they can get their hands on these stylish AND comfortable Pink Scuffs
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Fancy & Warm

Sheepskin Holly and Randi sneakers are a perfect addition to any outfit. 
They're comfortable and will give you the casual-chic look that everyone's going for! 
The best part about this is you can wear them with any outfit and they will still look cool!
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Sheepskin Moccasins are a fantastic way to add some footwear flair and comfort. 
They're also versatile enough that you can wear them with jeans! 
The best part? You don't have to put together an outfit just for these shoes because they will go perfectly no matter what your current closet has on offer.
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Cool & Wool

Whether you're out doing the grocery shopping or going on a date, the Rocco boots will make sure that your outfit is always stylish. 
You can't go wrong with jeans and Rocco boots for an everyday look! 
Pair them together in any way possible - cardigans over shirts or dress it up even more Bohemian-style… 
I'm sure no one could resist looking incredible while browsing the grocery aisle...
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