Walking on Clouds In The Summer

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There really is no better feeling than the sun on your face while enjoying the summer weather. Summer is sandal season. Sandals are perfect for those long, warm days. They keep your feet cool, comfy, and best of all, they look super stylish.
A good variety of sandals is vital for a complete summer wardrobe. Whether you are enjoying a nice walk or a night on the town, having the right sandal is crucial.
Of course, we already know how comfy and cozy a good pair of sandals can be.
But how can you feel like walking on clouds in sandals no matter the mood? 









This is a popular trend in the celebrity world, and we can see why. Pair our favorite Emma sandals with jeans and a t-shirt for an effortlessly chic look. If you are going for a street-style summer look you can incorporate other summer pieces. 
Grab a pair of Cloud Nine Sheepskin Emma sandals and look chic all summer long! Everyone will instantly be drawn to your feet and compliment you on your cute sandals.

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When people come in from outside on a hot and humid summer day, the first thing they do is take off their socks and shoes so that their feet can "breathe". We made a sandal that does the same thing, Cloud Nine Sheepskin flip flops.
There are many advantages to wearing sheepskin during the warmer months. For starters, there's the undeniable and unrivaled comfort they offer - there's nothing like wearing a luxe pair of sheepskin flip flops after a long day at work! They have been designed to provide you with the highest comfort.
From relaxing by the pool to enjoying breakfast outdoors on the patio, sheepskin flip-flops are the perfect choice for summertime relaxation.
Cloud Nine Sheepskin flip flops look great with a variety of outfits. 
They are made from cozy sheepskin fur that is very comfortable to wear and looks cute and elegant at the same time.

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Cloud Nine Sheepskin Emma sandals can help create that tropical feeling. They are truly one of the most comfortable styles and the best part is that they look amazing! They look great when combined with sparkling diamonds, dazzling jewelry, and beautiful flowered dresses.
Our favorite combination this summer includes pairing a cute, floral dress with a pair of Cloud Nine Sheepskin sandals. Sandals/sundresses are ideal if you want to show your feminine side and you can dress up with a variety of accessories and of
course Cloud Nine Sheepskin Emma sandals.

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Office work in the summer can be really tough on your feet and while many offices allow you to wear sandals to keep your feet cool and comfortable, sometimes a smarter look is required.
A pair of stylish Felicia sandals work very well with your office outfits.
You can combine these stylish sandals with a fitted skirt and tank top or with a maxi dress.In actual fact, these sandals can work really well during the warmer months. You can wear them anywhere, including at the office!.
Our Felicia sandals are open-toed so your feet can still breathe, and fit in with the summer atmosphere.

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Are you ready to jet-set on summer vacation? Don’t leave home without your Cloud Nine Sheepskin flip-flops! As the wool sandal of choice, Cloud Nine Sheepskin has a stylish design, which makes them the perfect house shoe to take with you on any trip. They’re easy to pack and can protect your feet in any hotel room or vacation house. Having your wool sandals with you on a trip is like having a little piece of home with you.
Pack a perfect and complete holiday suitcase by adding a pair of Cloud Nine Sheepskin flip-flops!

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