$194.99 USD

Model: CNS-162

The Amora Boot is a lesson in how to take leather, rubber and sheepskin and turn it into love. Amora, if you define it closely, means love. Your feet love comfort and warmth (when it's cold outside!) and the Amora has it. You’ll love the look, and the feel. What else matters?

  • Lining: Wool blend lining
  • Upper: 100% sheepskin collar and shaft
  • Insole: 100% Sheepskin
  • Heel: 2.5-inch wedge heel
  • Model: CNS-162

    If this boot doesn't make you go Wow! Nothing will. The wedge heel is just not your ordinary wedge. The smooth cowhide upper is just OMG… and the sheepskin just squeezes out and temps you to put your foot inside. Talk about the feel of luxury… mmmmm, your feet will feel rewarded and your girlfriends will want a pair…. Grab your pair first!