$74.99 USD

Model: CNS-118

  • 100% Sheepskin Lined
  • 100% Sheepskin Upper
  • TPA Rubber Sole


    • Model: CNS-118

      Early morning or late at night, your feet may tell you, “We’re a bit chilly.” Or “We're freezing! Help!” Wouldn’t it be nice to have something warm and natural to slip into? Enter the Tanaya slipper. 100% Sheepskin inside and out. That means, just what your chilly feet ordered. Sheepskin just happens to be the most foot friendly material around. It has many natural qualities that just pamper your feet.

      Sweat doesn’t stand a chance with the Tanaya – It wicks sweat and absorbs many times its weight in moisture. It’s a natural cushion, giving you that little extra bounce in your step, insulating your feet from cold, unforgiving floors. Odors? Sheepskin fights against odors – naturally. And when they get a bit soiled from wear? Just wash them off, air dry and voila, you’ve got a fresh start.

      So, you’ve got everything going for you when you’re wearing the Tanaya. We’ve got a pair waiting for you. And they’re great as gifts!