$289.99 USD

Model: CNS-412

Real sheepskin pelts – they’re great for many uses.

  • From a single pelt to 10 sewn together
  • Therapeutic uses
  • Can last a lifetime when cared for

Our genuine sheepskin rugs and pelts are available in the following approximate sizes* including:

  • SINGLE - 3.25 ft x 2 ft
  • RUNNER - 6 ft x 2 ft
  • QUATRO - 6 ft x 3.66 ft
  • SECTO - 6 ft x 5.4 ft
  • OCTO - 7 ft x 6 ft
  • DECTO- 8 ft x 6 ft

*Note: As these are natural pelts, dimensions may vary slightly. Pelts are not pure white, it does have a slight natural yellow tint to it.

    • Model: CNS-410

      100% Genuine Sheepskin Pelts!

      Sizes: Single, Runner, (Two pelts sewn together lengthwise) Quatro (4 pelts sewn together as a unit), Secto (6 pelts), Octo (8 pelts) and Decto Pelts (10 pelts).

      No synthetic stuff here! This is the real deal. Great for many different uses. Genuine sheepskin rugs, bed covers, or for babies. A genuine sheepskin pelt is like laying or sitting on a cushion, its thousands of fibers each acting as a spring…

      You can sit, lay, play or sleep on one. They are truly wonderful!