$79.99 USD

Model: CNS-205

The closest thing to your feet has to be the most comfortable. This soft sole moccasin fits your foot like your favorite old baseball mitt fit your hand and is softer by far…

  • Lining: 100% Sheepskin
  • Upper & Sole: Cowhide Suede
  • Color: Chestnut
  • Sizes: Men's 7-14
    • Model: CNS-205

      Our Men’s Soft Sole Moccasins are an update of the original footwear that the indigenous people wore across the forests and plains of this country. They are a tradition that has lasted for centuries. Why? Because they are practically perfect for feet.

      Sheepskin molds itself to fit your foot and they fit like a favorite old glove. They can go for years and just get more and more comfortable as they break in. They are perfect for bare feet and are a year round favorite.