5 Ways to Decorate your Home with Sheepskin

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Cloud Nine Sheepskin Rugs are 100% genuine, and they will last you a lifetime. Yes, it is easy to clean and manage. Use our Cloud Nine Sheepskin Shampoo and Water & Stain Guard Spray for a longer life span for your rug. Our throw rugs are anti-bacterial. They are breathable, wicking away moisture. Our shampoos contain lanolin that hydrates and softens the hair with every wash.


You can understand why this is the perfect home decor piece to add for the whole family and guests to enjoy. Here are a handful of ways to decorate your house into a home:

Have a small 3x4 size sheepskin rug as a throw or small mat.

You can toss this piece over the couch, under a basket, or on a chair, loveseat, on the floors. Determine the color(s) using neutral tones as a foundation. Such as taupe, silver, and ivory. If you have vaulted ceilings and, or very open space, you can opt-in for a runner or Quattro size. The dimensions on the Quattro are 4 hides sewn together, making a 5x7 area rug. Throw it on the sectional couch or the bed. You can use it as a rug. Use "floor setting" when vacuuming the pelt.

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Cloud Nine Sheepskin Rug Sizes:
  • SINGLE - 3.25 ft x 2 ft
  • RUNNER - 6 ft x 2 ft
  • QUATRO - 6 ft x 3.66 ft
  • SECTO - 6 ft x 5.4 ft
  • OCTO - 7 ft x 6 ft
  • DECTO- 8 ft x 6 ft.
*Note: Sizes may vary on each hide to be smaller or larger than what is listed. As each hide is 100% genuine, not all of them will be the same size.


Sheepskin: Rug Colors and how to pick them!

You have to ask yourself if you want the room to appear lighter, or darker in tone. Don't be afraid to add colors that compliment each other. Sheepskin hair is the perfect texture to bring into a house, making it homier. It is a very inviting piece and a great way to make a sophisticated impression. A "dark" and "rich" color would be Charcoal, Black & Chocolate. A "light" or "soft" color, would be Taupe, Ivory, & Silver. You don't want to be stuck with blue, pink, or purple shades. A neutral color is perfect since any color will go with them.



Cloud Nine Sheepskin Rugs provide cleaning and maintenance instructions. Research before trying anything "new" or different from the instructions. You might find some awesome DIY hacks that keep your rug clean through its use. I recommend Cloud Nine Shampoo which deodorizes the sheepskin rug. The natural oils added to the shampoo will hydrate the hair as a conditioner. Check out our Cloud Nine Protector spray, which you can use for the bottom of the rug. Apply about 2 coats. This will make it stain proof and waterproof. Spray once a year for lasting effects.


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